Directed by Sine Plambech & Janus metz

‘HEARTBOUND’ is a unique longitudinal study of a network of Thai/Danish marriages shot over ten years. It is an exploration of globalization over time set on the intimate stage of marriage and family.

The film follows four couples and their children and documents how their lives develop as a consequence of the economic and emotional bonds that tie them together. It is an ensemble piece and an epic family drama set in two outskirt communities at either side of the global divide – yet intimately connected through marriage migration.

Through its dynamic time span the film traces how the women’s migration and their efforts to help their families affect their children many years down the line. Simultaneously it looks at the ways in which men from a remote region in Northern Denmark try to adopt the great big world to their safe and well-known quarters.

‘Heartbound’ is a film about our shared human needs for love, dignity and money – even if our cultural interpretation of these needs may differ. It’s a film about people who try to change their lives when choices are few, and a film that explores the consequences of these life choices not only for the men and the women who make them, but also for the children who have to live on with them.

In this way, ‘Heartbound’ ties together migration and integration over a unique time perspective and discusses one of the greatest movements and challenges of our time: The increasing flow across borders of people, money and ideas in our global sharing of the present.

Production Company: Magic Hour Films

Coproducers: Baldr Film and Vilda Bomben Film

Production Countries: Denmark, Thailand, The Netherlands and Sweden