Thai Women, Marriage Migration and Sex Work

Since 2003, I have been spending time with and done field work among a group of Thai women living in the countryside in Denmark. Observing how these Thai women took charge of their situation forced me to reexamine the conventional view of these women as innocent, helpless victims of the trafficking industry. They made me realize that there are a range of variations in how women migrants interact with the world around them and why they might think that working in a brothel 10.000 km from home in a cold, dark Danish provincial town might be a viable strategy for achieving financial security for themselves and their families. Furthermore, I realized that if I should be able to fully understand this particular migration system, I had to complete the circuit and go to Thailand. In 2006, I did 3 months of field work in the village of Mo Baan in northeastern Thailand from where my Thai informants in Denmark originate. I have returned to the Danish and Thai villages several times since.

The research focuses on female marriage migration, remittances, risks, agency and global care chains. The films “Love on Delivery”, “Ticket to Paradise” and “Between Two Worlds” are based on this research.