Ph.d: Points of Departure

Points of Departure – Migration Control and Anti-Trafficking in the Lives of Nigerian Sex Worker Migrants after Deportation from Europe

The dissertation is about the lives of a group of Nigerian women after they were deported from Europe, where they migrated in search of better opportunities and earned a living by selling sex on the streets. Some of the women were promised humanitarian assistance upon return as “victims of human trafficking”. The dual process of humanitarian “rescue projects”, attempted at assisting victims of human trafficking upon return and the forced deportation of undocumented migrants, prompt a number of questions on both the lived reality upon deportation as well as on the co-existence of humanitarianism and migration control in contemporary global migration governance. Based on fieldwork in Benin City in Nigeria and Copenhagen in Denmark (with visits to Lagos and Barcelona), the dissertation explores these analytical questions and the social reality of this in the post-deportation phase in Nigeria.


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