Danish title: “Mission Kvindehandel”

An estimated 2,500 foreign prostitutes live in Denmark. Many are presumed to be victims of trafficking. In 2008 a special unit was set up within Danish Police to investigate the Danish sex industry, a world in which only the police, the prostitutes and traffickers are witness to. Through phone taps, surveillance, street actions and undercover work, the unit is constantly on the hunt for witnesses and evidence, in order to capture and prosecute the traffickers. However, the good intentions of the special unit often fall short in a globalized world of illegal migration, poverty and voodoo.

Directed by Judith Lansade & Sine Plambech20101223-125247-6

Produced by Upfront Films

Release year: 2010

Festival screenings: Ambulante Film Festival, Mexico 2011. CPH:DOX 2010. Aarhus Film Festival 2010. Copenhagen Sex Worker Film Festival 2015.

Prizes and awards: Danish Dox nomination at the Danish Dox Award 2010. Politiken Audience Award nomination
at CPH:DOX 2010.

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