Women, Sex & Migration

Women, Sex & Migration – Seeing sex work migration and human trafficking from the Global South


Women’s sex work migration and human trafficking, as severe manifestations of global gender inequality, has received mounting international attention. Simultaneously, women constitute more than half of the worlds’ migrants and contribute significantly to the development of their poor home countries. The project illustrates these forms of migration and their relation to the European Union’s increasingly restrictive migration policies as seen from the perspective of the Global South. The project analyses two flows of migration over time – Thai women’s sex work migration and Nigerian women’s irregular migration to the European sex industry. The research project stimulates theoretical rethinking within migration studies by creating a dynamic approach, which combines social transformations and migration restrictions in a gender perspective. Additionally, migrant societies’ perspective on sex work migration and human trafficking over time will be investigated.

The project is based on ethnographic fieldwork in Thailand and Nigeria. The project is funded by the Danish Research Council, resides at DIIS and is embedded in the international research project ‘Gender, Justice and Neoliberal Transformations’ at Columbia University in New York. Furthermore, a product of the project will be a research-based documentary movie about women’s migration.